Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Shadow of an Empire

Financial Times****

Regan can be sassy and scruffy, or quiveringly sincere, but he's never uninteresting. Words and images tumble out – we infer that he's a fool for love, but a cynical one – and by the end, you're thoroughly dazzled
The Guardian ****

Angry, funny, relevant and summed up in one line, "You curse the darkness/ And I'll strike a match".
The independent****

After folky troubadour beginnings, his second album keys into the rollicking energy of vintage rock 'n’ roll, while also forging a unique, observational and genuinely beat-poetic lyrical vocabulary. Terrific stuff.

Likened to a young Bob Dylan by those lost for a better way to describe a talented singer-songwriter-His material certainly stands up to the test
Mail on Sunday****

One of the defining Irish albums of our generation
Limerick leader*****

A brilliantly bold, robust work, showcasing real development and the kind of graceful erudition that places Regan squarely ahead of the curve.
BBC Review

“Regan’s masterly progress is best exemplified by the title track, a simple stately anthem to decay that rings the righteousness of pre-judas Dylan”
Word Magazine

This signifies a great talent shedding labels, spreading wings and moving on.

“A playful authenticity, sparse eloquence, you can’t fault the voice ”

“Well developed melodies and striking lyrics, he remains a formidable wordsmith ”

“A music hall snapshot of 21 st century life”

We are pleased to announce "The Shadow Of an Empire" will be released on Vinyl/CD/Download, 8th February in the the U.K and Europe on Heavenly Recordings and 5th February in Ireland on Universal.

Track Listing

Protection Racket
Coat Hook
Genocide Matinee
Violent Demeanor
Lines written in Winter
House Detective
Little Nancy
Lord Help My Poor Soul
The Shadow of an Empire

The album artwork was designed & created by Fionn, with photography by Autumn de Wilde. We look forward to seeing you all soon.


  1. I can't wait...planning a trek to HMV on the 5th already.

    Fingers crossed for hearing this record at Glastonbury next June too!

  2. looking forward to the album and the gig in king tuts!! x

  3. got my grubby hands on a promo copy. had to live with it a couple of days but it's brilliant. 'Violent D..' should be a single

  4. Any word on when us yanks will be graced with this long anticipated work?

  5. Will it be available in the U.S.? At least on I-Tunes?

  6. Will the new music be available on iTunes soon ?

  7. Review of the Dolans gig in limerick on my music blog http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/

  8. I ordered a copy from the UK, and had it shipped to the 'states. Absolutely wonderful album!